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Celebrity Wedding in Santa Barbara at Bacara Resort

Celebrity Wedding in Santa Barbara at Bacara Resort

So our company offers a lot of different services. We DJ weddings. We offer all types of wedding lighting. We do photo booths. We also offer TV and Video equipment rentals.

Occasionally we do some very big high profile events in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara or Orange County.

Sunset Santa Barbara Wedding DJ

Check out this video clip of the wedding ceremony at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara:

One of the most memorable events we've ever done was a wedding for Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.

Back in April of 2014 he got married to Lauren Kitt at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara.

DJ Kamayo Entertainment provided the sound system and DJ Equipment for the reception and after party which were both at the Bacara Resort (in two separate areas).

The DJ for event was DJ Bobby French. He's a friend of mine who primarily dj's upscale nightclubs in Hollywood and Las Vegas. But he also does quite a bit of events for celebrities. Whenever he does private events he counts on us at DJ Kamayo Entertainment to set up his DJ equipment, microphones and sound systems.

Santa Barbara Wedding DJ Speech

Now back to the Santa Barbara wedding.

We set up 2 different DJ booths in 2 areas. For both areas we set up Technics turntables, a Pioneer DJ mixer, 3 speakers, 1 subwoofer and 2 Shure wireless microphones.

First was the reception area.

The plan Nick Carter and his wife had was to eat dinner outside on the patio and then move inside where the dance floor was to finally have their first dance.

Though the reception wrapped up at 11PM, the party wasn’t over quite yet. A Moroccan-themed after-party, complete with bright red and orange lighting, and hookahs, kept guests celebrating until 2AM. Lauren even changed into a flowing white gown embellished by gold, silver, and orange embroidery to complement the style of the celebration, which was inspired by their upcoming honeymoon to Morocco.

best wedding dj santa barbara

At this point my friend Bobby French took things up a notch and played non stop party jams. I was lucky enough to actually be there for the after party hanging out with Bobby in the DJ booth but also having drinks and chatting with some of the guests. I even took some tequila shots with some of the backstreet boys members!

And I probably had a little bit too much dessert.

Bacara Santa Barbara Wedding DJ

after ceremony santa barbara wedding dj

dinner santa barbara wedding dj

dining wedding dj santa barbara

string lighting santa barbara

backstreet boys santa barbara wedding dj

first dance wedding dj santa barbara

Nick first dance santa barbara

wedding dj santa barbara kiss

lovely bride santa barbara wedding dj

bridesmaids wedding dj santa barbara

officiant wedding dj santa barbara

wedding dj ceremony santa barbara

Because of the nature of this type of wedding, there was quite a bit of security. There had to be at least a dozen security guards all around to make sure no uninvited guests were crashing or taking unwanted pictures.

There were also signs posted throughout Bacara Resort saying not to post anything on social media.

All photos shown in this blog post were taken by the amazing Kris Kan.


If you need a wedding dj in Santa Barbara a wedding DJ in San Diego or a wedding DJ in Orange County let us know! We have over 17 years of experience djing events all over Southern California. We use only high quality speakers for all of our events. Need DJ Equipment rentals in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara?

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