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Professional Wedding DJ+MC

Meet Juan, aka DJ Kryptonite, our highly sought-after maestro of melody. With over 24 years of spinning experience, Juan stands as the unparalleled authority in Southern California's wedding DJ scene.

His illustrious career spans diverse events, from enchanting weddings to pulsating nightclubs, chic bars, and even the dynamic world of radio stations. Currently orchestrating the soundtrack for 80-90 weddings annually in Los Angeles and Ventura County, Juan is the go-to virtuoso for couples seeking a wedding DJ with incredible skills. 

Whether it's a traditional wedding or a vibrant Latin/Bilingual celebration, Juan's expertise knows no bounds. But what sets Juan apart is not just his impressive track record; it's his meticulous approach to each event. Juan is a fervent believer in the power of pre-event planning. He invests time and effort, collaborating closely with couples to ensure every beat aligns with their vision. For Juan, meticulous planning is the secret to seamless and triumphant weddings.

Come wedding day, Juan transforms into a sophisticated and eloquent Master of Ceremonies. Yet, he prides himself on speaking only as much as necessary, respecting the unique desires and directions of each couple.

Juan's philosophy is simple yet profound: "Play the requests, vibe with the crowd, and let the music do the talking." By seamlessly blending requested tunes, guest favorites, and his intuitive understanding of the crowd, Juan guarantees a packed and lively dance floor. He orchestrates the evening with a skillful mix that keeps energy levels soaring.

For Juan, it's not just about playing the right music; it's about curating an experience that resonates with each wedding couple and their guests. With Juan at the helm, your wedding isn't just an event; it's a symphony of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

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“Juan (DJ Kryptonite) did an AMAZING job at our wedding! He made sure to play all of our requests while also keeping our guests happy with music they liked. Our dancing on the clouds first dance was so EPIC , we still have people talking about it!”

Evan & Regina

Hip Hop Turntable Skills

Announcing Last Song

DJ Kryptonite - Real Wedding Highlight Videos


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