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Get ready to add some fun and excitement to your special day!

We offer top-notch wedding and event services in Ventura County, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

Choose from a variety of photo booth styles that suit your taste, including the Selfie Booth, Booth with Printing, Glam Booth (Kardashian Style), and 360 Video Booth.

Let's make your event unforgettable!


Photo Booth

  • Easy to use touchscreen interface

  • Ability to retake

  • Sleek, Modern Booth (not old or clunky!)

  • Fast printing on a real photo printer

  • Props included 

  • Option to send via texting

  • Open Air PhotoBooth, fits any size area

  • Digital Copy of all photos taken 

  • Setup & Delivery Included

  • Unlimited pictures taken

  • Custom Logo/Date/Name on photo layout

  • Available in Ventura County & Los Angeles

  • Glam Booth Available (Kardashian Style)


Photo Booth
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put Names/Date on the photo layout?


Yes, you can choose what text to put on the custom logo for the prints. Scroll down to see our layout options.


I want to do a photo booklet (photo guestbook), can I get copies of the photos printed to put in it?


Yes , if you want to,  we can print out 2 sets of photos. One copy will go to the guest and one copy can go into the photo book. For duplicate prints, there is a $50 fee. 


Can I also provide my own unique props or my own backdrop?


Definitely, you can bring any props you would like to be used for your photo booth.

You can also use your own backdrop if you want to. 


I want all of the photo booth pics to come out in black & white (GLAM style), can we make that happen?


Yes , you can specify a filter that will apply to all photos taken. We do offer the Kardashian style GLAM Photo Booth that smooths the skin and takes the photo in black & white. 





Some of our available
Premium Backdrops

Ventura County Photo Booth backdrops

Most Affordable Photo Booth in
Ventura County, Simi Valley and Los Angeles.

Photo Booth is available in:​

Los Angeles  | Ventura County | Santa Barbara 

How Our
Photo Booth Works

What makes our Southern California Photo Booth different from other photo booths around Los Angeles, Ventura County and San Diego is that we make the photo booth a full entertainment experience for you and your guests. 
It is absolutely NOT the closed-in, cramped up photo booth you try to squeeze into behind a curtain, hiding all of the fun! 
Our easy to use  photo booth is an open air photo booth with a clean, elegant, modern design that brings fun and laughter to all!  In fact, our unique and flexible design can go in the largest or smallest of spaces, indoors or outdoors.
We arrive at least an hour before the start of the time you've paid for, making sure that everything is set up perfectly and ready at "go time"! You will experience the best service from our friendly and engaging team from the day you book your event until far beyond. Our photo booth is sure to be a hit at your event!

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