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projector screen rental

Projectors and Screens


When it comes to slideshows and images at events and weddings, projectors are quite common. One of the reasons it is used so often is because you can project the image to a very big size depending on where you want to show it. It can be projected on a screen or on large walls.


We offer several different projector screens to fit any type of area, outdoors or indoors. Our largest projector screen is 145 inches.

projector screen rental

HD Televisions - TV Rentals


We also offer flat screen 55' Samsung HDTV's for special events. They can be used for slideshows and images or to display live tv. We offer TV's on fixed stands or on wheeled stands if you want to just bring them on for a quick slideshow or presentation.


We also offer TV's in 70 inches at 90 inches. TV's can be linked together for large events.

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