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My journey as a professional DJ and company owner officially started in 1998 when my dad bought me a set of turntables for my 15th birthday.


At the time I had friends who were amateur DJ's and after seeing them do it, I wanted to try it as well. Growing up in the 90's in Los Angeles, I always had a love for music, so djing was a way for me to take my passion for music to the next level, although I never thought I would become a pro. 


During my high school years, I was djing birthday parties for my friends and from telling enough people I was a DJ, I somehow ended up djing my own high school prom. Yep, I got PAID to go to my own prom. It was definitely one of the early highlights of my career as a DJ. 


While going to college at San Diego State University on the weekdays, I earned a restaurant/nightclub DJ residency in Los Angeles playing every Friday and Saturday.  I studied on the weekdays & DJed on the weekends. Eventually, I started getting booked for weddings.


At the time  the wedding DJ scene was very different - lots of ugly and outdated equipment setups and overbearing emcees. The way clients were treated was different too. Many Los Angeles DJ companies were taking advantage of couples who didn't know what to ask or didn't know what made someone a real DJ.  Clients would book DJs based solely on price, thinking the higher price meant a better skilled overall DJ. Sadly, that wasn't the case. I finally realized that I could offer something much more.


In 2006, after years of casually DJing, I started DJ Kamayo Entertainment.


My goal was to do something different, more valuable and better - to create a new kind of DJ company. One that treats people with respect (for their music tastes & preferences, and their intelligence). A company that shares its clients' enthusiasm for music and for their events, and that is committed to fulfilling every promise. A company that does business the right way, with every client, for every single event. And most importantly, I wanted my clients to know that they were spending their hard earned money on someone that not only knows how to DJ, but knows how to give an overall amazing experience that exceeds expectations every time. 


The other DJ's on my team are my friends who share the same passion for music & djing as I do. I didn't find them on craigslist or train them like other DJ companies do (you can't train DJ experience and music knowledge!). We are real DJs who respect our craft and the music we play.  Each of us has been djing all types of events since the late 90's acquiring the skill , experience and music knowledge that other DJs wish they had. 


DJing is what I love to do. It's all I do. I don't do this on the side like most wedding dj 's or act as a  middle man that outsources to other djs.


It's my full time job and passion. 


I hope you consider us for your event.



Thanks for reading. 

Omid  -DJ Kamayo

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