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10 Best Spanish Wedding Dance Songs 2022 2023

I absolutely love djing Spanish/Latin/Mexican weddings here in Southern California (Los Angeles , San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura County)!

Here are my top 10 best Spanish wedding dance songs to play at weddings in 2019 .

These tracks are a staple in every DJ Kamayo Entertainment latin dance set, they work extremely well for us!

Here we go!

10. Marc Anthony - "Vivir Mi Vida"

9. Gipsy Kings - "Bamboleo"

8. Don Omar - "Dile"

A reggaeton classic!

7. Mana - "Oye Mi Amor"

Arguably the most popular Spanish Rock song ever.

6. La Luz Roja de San Marcos - "Cumbia Sampuesana"

5. La Sonora Dinamita - "Escandalo"

One of the most recognized Cumbia songs ever , this track always gets people moving on any wedding dance floor.

4. Los Tucanes de Tijuana - "La Chona"

This fast paced tune by the Mexican band Los Tucanes De Tijuana doesn't even need lyrics. This song has one of the most energizing latin beats of all time. The moment you hear this song come on, you cant help but dance. Its one of my personal favorites that I play at Latin weddings whenever I feel like the crowd needs more energy as this tune ALWAYS give the people on the dance floor a second wind. A wedding DJ crowd pleaser for sure.

3. Celia Cruz - "La Vida Es Un Carnaval"

This Spanish classic from 1998 is the without a doubt one of the biggest Salsa songs ever. Whenever people ask for Salsa at a wedding, this is my go to track. It has a tempo that anyone of any age can dance to and the percussion sounds on this track sound absolutely incredible when played out loud. A sure fire hit at any type of wedding, especially latin/bilingual weddings.

2. Don Omar - "Danza Kuduro"

Originally released in 2010, this Spanish anthem by Don Omar is played at just about every wedding that I dj here in Los Angeles. It's got a latin infused tropical beat and infectious vocals that every dancer wants to hear. I really enjoy playing this track when transitioning out of non Spanish music as it always keeps people on the dance floor while bringing more people out to it.

1. Elvis Crespo - "Suavemente"

Believe it or not, this song came out way back in 1998! It is the still the biggest Spanish wedding anthem around. It doesn't matter what ethnic group I DJ for, this song transcends all cultural boundaries and gets EVERYONE dancing. It has everything the ultimate wedding dance song needs: catchy vocals (even for non Spanish speakers), a fast tempo, a live band sounding feel, and a booming bassline to give it that big room party vibe. It is a tried and tested anthem that will be played at weddings forever. You simply can't go wrong with this legendary spanish wedding dance song.

Bonus SONG:

Pepas by Farruko

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