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What's Included?

Included with our Wedding  DJ/MC packages:


  • Sound System and Wireless Microphones for the Ceremony/Cocktail Hour/Reception (up to 3 setups)

  • Setup/Delivery/Breakdown of All Equipment

  • Your own personal wedding playlist; Customized anyway you want it

  • Access to our client music area 

  • Fully Insured DJ Setup

  • Guaranteed On Time DJ

  • Email/Text/Call your DJ anytime to ask any questions

  • Well Dressed, Professional and Energetic DJ/MC that you will love!

What separates us from other DJ companies is that all of our DJs have experience DJing and MCing a variety of events including weddings, nightclubs, corporate events and more. They are all passionate full-time DJs who consistently DJ  every single weekend.


They know how to mix and blend various genres of music for ANY type of crowd. They will accommodate your music tastes and preferences no matter what it is. They are experts at reading the crowd and adjusting the music & tempo to the vibe that you and your guests are enjoying.

Each of our  elite dj's has  a deep music knowledge of all genres and eras of music. Our music library has everything you could want at your wedding including music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's , 2000's , current pop music, hip hop , jazz , salsa, merengue, cumbia, edm , house , swing, disco , funk, rock, and more.

About Our DJing Experience

When it comes to MCing the wedding, we keep the talking to a minimum so the focus is on you, not us.


We make all the necessary announcements but never sound too loud or get on the mic more than we need to.


Just simple well-timed announcements that create an organic & smooth  flow to the reception  that both you and your guests will appreciate. 


Occasionally we'll get on the mic to hype the crowd during dancing if need be, but most of the time we let the music do the talking.


That being said, when it comes to the  grand entrance, you can be sure that your DJ will  get everyone's attention and have them cheering loud and clapping as you come in. 

Our MCing Style

We make the process of choosing the music for your wedding a collaborative one. Taking inspiration from your own tastes, the energy of your guests and the feel of your venue, we create a soundtrack for your wedding that you’ll remember for all the right reasons. 


Our DJ's will make sure to play your favorite songs  and also not play anything you don't like. We are always prepared in advance and you will always have the peace of mind going into your wedding that everything will be as you want it to be. Our DJ's will go over the timeline and music playlist with you before the day of the event.


If you want something played that we don't have,  we will get it!


Got a last minute request during the wedding while everyone is dancing? No problem. We can download and get songs within minutes and play them instantly during the wedding.

When it comes to song requests from guests our process is simple. If the song will fit with the vibe of your music playlist and the current moment of the wedding, then we'll play it. It it doesn't, then we will politely ask the guest to suggest another song. 

Choosing Music & Song Requests

We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do and we always have flawless equipment performances. 


We spend the extra dollar on the best DJ equipment and speakers so your wedding sounds amazing. There will never be equipment malfunctions and we always use new batteries on our super high quality wireless microphones.


We've heard countless horror stories from our clients about malfunctions and problems happening with other wedding DJ's at other weddings they've attended, but we guarantee that will never happen with us. 


You get only the best with DJ Kamayo Entertainment!


Make sure to ask about our discount DJ/MC ,  Wedding Lighting and Photo Booth packages! 



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