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Why DJ Kamayo Entertainment?

One major thing that separates us from other companies is that all of our DJ's have nightclub and bar dj-ing experience. Why is that important? Well, would you pay someone a lot of money to play music at your event as if they were an ipod or spotify playlist with long fade outs, moments of silence or abrupt music transitions? Probably not.


What you do want is a real disc jockey that can mix and blend various genres of music with smooth transitions while keeping the energy high. Our club style DJ's not only bring a true level of excitement and energy to the dancefloor but also bring their own unique take on DJ-ing and mixing various genres of music. 


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All of our dj's have over 15 years of experience and started dj-ing in high school. Our DJ's are self taught and have their own unique taste and style when it comes to playing music at events. Unlike other dj companies, none of our dj's are amateurs. We are real dj's who take our craft seriously and do it full time.


We don't do this on the side, we do it because we absolutely love dj-ing. 


Our dj's will also give you a level of service that will always exceed your expectations. Not only are they great dj's when performing, but they are easy and fun to work with. All of our DJ's love what they do and it always shows in their DJ sets and whenever you talk to them.


For more detailed info on what you get with our wedding dj's click HERE


Our DJ's
Our MC's

Our way of  MC-ing and making announcements is simple. We want the event to be about you, not us.


We keep a very low key approach of making all the necessary announcements including the grand entrance without sounding too overbearing and never talking more than we need to.


All of our MC's bring their own unique personality into the announcements but also keep their talking to a minimum so you and your guests enjoy the wedding and the music.

25min Wedding Mix - DJ Kryptonite
00:00 / 00:00
80's Mix - DJ Nick Dean
00:00 / 00:00
Upbeat Cocktail Hour Mix - DJ Nick Dean
00:00 / 00:00
Wedding Dance Mix - DJ Kamayo
00:00 / 00:00
Clean Party Hip Hop Mix - DJ Kamayo
00:00 / 00:00
Merengue Mix - DJ Kryptonite
00:00 / 00:00

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Something that is very important to us is letting our clients know that we are passionate, full-time professional DJ's who not only play great music, but play it in a way that only an experienced

REAL DJ knows how to. 

Have a listen to any one of the mixes by our 3 DJ's to get an idea of how we play music and why we mix music better than anyone else.

No other wedding DJ company in Southern California has a wider variety of available wedding and event lighting than us. We pride ourselves in having multiple lighting options for any type of venue or event.


We also constantly update our equipment with the latest in lighting technology including completely wireless LED lighting systems.


While many companies are stuck using very old equipment, we are always moving forward.


We also offer affordable DJ and Lighting packages. 

click here to visit our lighting page

Just like with our lighting, we only use the best quality sound equipment for DJ-ing, MC-ing and rentals. When it comes to equipment, we spend the extra money to get the best equipment for your event.


Some companies buy cheap speakers or microphones to save money, but we never do.


We use only industry standards for all of our equipment.


We use QSC speakers/subwoofers, Shure wireless microphones , Pioneer DJ equipment, Serato DJ Software and Apple laptops. 

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