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Pinspot Lighting For Weddings

One very extremely popular type of wedding lighting that we use at weddings in Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura County are PINSPOTS. (aka pinspot lighting)

What are pinspots?

Pinspots are focused beams of warm white light, pointed down onto tabletop focal points, such as centerpieces and wedding cakes.

Pinspots highlight these elements, making them stand out in photographs and in person.

Pinspots are light fixtures with specialized bulbs inside that are narrow spotlights.

Regular light bulbs are a wide angle wash light which covers as much area as possible. Pinspots on the other hand stay focused and just cover a small concentrated.

The pinspot fixtures are usually clamped on to tall pipe and base structures or trussing, then adjusted by lighting designers to make sure they are pointed exactly where they need to be.

Perfect pinspotting is sort of like an art form, making the tabletop decor elements glow just right.

Do I need pinspots at my wedding?

In most cases, pinspots can make a dramatic difference on how your wedding looks, especially in photos.

If your wedding is daytime or if you will be doing a sit down dinner while the the sun is still up, then pinspots may not be needed.

If you don't have large flower centerpieces , then pinspot probably won't be needed.

But if you have spent a lot of money on elegant flowers for centerpieces then it makes sense to get pinspots to make them glow and shine.

The beauty of the pinspots is that they are designed to only light up the object you want it to light up.

You never have to worry about your guests also being lit up by the pinspots because that will never happen unless the positioning of the pinspot was poorly done.

This sometimes happens with inexperienced lighting professionals.

Are there different types of pinspots?

Yes there are. Computer controlled pinspots and non controlled pinspots.

We use both types.

Computer controlled pinspots have bright LED inside the pinspot and they are controlled with a laptop computer.

Are pinspots affordable?

Most Definitely!

Most weddings have anywhere from 15-20 round tables setup with centerpieces on each table.

We usually offer bundled discount packages when booking lighting, dj and photo booth services.

If you have any questions about pinspots or any other types of wedding lighting we'd love to hear from you.


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