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Top 5 Tips On How To Have a Luxury Wedding on a Not-So-Luxury Budget

For this month's blog post we have a guest post by Melissa Buffaloe of Blue Moon Event Planning.

I've had the pleasure of working with her at several weddings in Southern California and she is an amazing wedding planner & coordinator with plenty of experience and knowledge to share with you.

Here's Melissa' s Top 5 Tips on How to Have a Luxury Wedding on a Not-So-Luxury Budget.

1) Florals - Up-cycle your centerpieces! Start by using your beautiful blooms to decorate your aisle for the ceremony. THEN, transfer to the reception for jaw dropping table centerpieces.

2) Catering - Opting for a buffet-style for your catering can save some serious cash. The biggest reason you save with a buffet is by not needing as many waitstaff, which does add up- and quickly. Also, as far as the presentation goes, you’re going to pay significantly less for chaffing dishes than you would for platters that would be passed around with a family-style meal.

3) Bar - Find a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol so you can do a big Costco or Sam's trip and simply have a bartender. Serve your favorite wine & beer AND to really elevate the experience, create a signature wedding drink!

4) Personalize - Add a touch of your personality to your day! Whether it's through wedding favors, origami napkin folds, seating chart, extra fun add-ons like a choreographed dance or caricaturist, you'll be sure to impress your guests with wedding 'luxury' vibes.

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5) Wedding Planner - (You know we had too include this one ;] ) Hire a wedding planner to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible - so you can enjoy the day and we can handle the stress! One thing that everyone on the internet seems to agree on is that not only are wedding planners an invaluable part of the wedding, but they can ensure you have a luxurious wedding celebration that genuinely captures your individuality and taste.

About the Author:

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Melissa Buffaloe is the Owner and Principal Planner of Blue Moon Event Planning, an LGBTQ+, woman-owned Southern California wedding and event planning company based in Long Beach, California. Buffaloe’s experience stems from an extensive background in theatrical Stage & Production Management, evolving into Live Event Planning. She is known for her expertise in scheduling, managing a budget, keeping track of each aspect of the event and making sure all elements come together for a smooth execution. From large theatrical stage shows to public festivals and concerts, from weddings to private parties, Buffaloe is a maverick event planner and her experience has given her the tools to produce excellent events and weddings. When she is not planning luxury parties or large scale events, she loves to cook, eat, drink wine, laugh and hang out with her wife and fur babies. For more information on Melissa, including her resume visit:

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