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Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Urban Espresso

Wedding Vendor Spotlight - Urban Espresso

Los Angeles Wedding Coffee Urban Espresso

As a Los Angeles wedding DJ myself, I always like to mention to my clients really awesome wedding vendors that offer something unique and better than the norm.

In this edition of wedding vendor spotlight I will be talking about the amazing Urban Espresso.

They are a Los Angeles based company that offers on site espresso bars for all types of events including weddings , private events, birthdays, corporate events, fundraisers and much more.

Their staff features very talented baristas that make the most incredible coffee based drinks you'll ever have.

I recently worked an event with these guys over at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu and I must have tried every single type of drink they offer.

As soon as I finished one drink I kept going back to get another one.

They are so good!!!!!!!!

You're probably asking yourself why would I need to hire a coffee guy when the venue or catering company includes it?

Most wedding venues and catering companies include coffee, but it's almost always very plain and average.

If you want coffee that your guests will love and talk about, choose Urban Espresso.

Best Wedding Coffee

The coffee that Urban Espresso makes is absolutely amazing.

Seriously, it's better than any starbucks or coffee bean drink you've ever had.

For events they bring their own custom built bar (which looks beautiful) and on site staff which make the drinks in less than a minute.

The have a classic, rustic look which looks awesome at any type of indoor or outdoor wedding.

One of the reasons why I love their drinks so much is that all of their hot drinks are served at the PERFECT temperature.

As soon as you get your drink, you can start drinking it.

I know that may sound weird, but how many times have you gotten coffee somewhere only to wait 10 to 15 minutes to finally start drinking it?

Urban Espresso not only makes incredible coffee based drinks but makes sure you don't have to wait to start drinking it.

Wedding Coffee Urban Espresso Shots

It's a very valuable thing that you will only realize once you've had a drink made by Urban Espresso.

Some of the drinks they offer: Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Mocha, Chai Latte, Nutella Latte, Hot Chocolate.

They also create custom menus and latte flavors designed just for your wedding or private event.

They also do a food/coffee truck on campus at the University of Southern California on weekdays.

I highly recommend trying them out, you will thank me :)

For more info on Urban Espresso please visit these links:


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