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5 Awesome Remixes You Need Played at Your Wedding

5 Awesome Remixes You Need Played at Your Wedding

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When it comes to being a wedding dj, it's always good to have a wide variety of music available for every type of event.

It's also good to have various remixes of songs for different situations.

In the youtube age especially, there are new and fresh remixes of all types of popular music freely available online.

Whether its a remix of a pop song that just got released or a cool new remix of a Beatles song, there are loads of remixes out there.

Sometimes it can be hard to to keep up with the flood of music that gets put online since anyone can make a remix and post it up on sites like soundcloud, mixcloud or youtube.

As wedding DJ , I love spicing up my DJ sets with remixes of songs that people already know.

If there's a really popular song that might sound a bit too slow for dancing, i'll try to find an uptempo remix to play.

Many Dj's like myself also like to remix or make custom edits of songs to play at events.

Some of these dj's also release these custom remixes freely online so other dj's can play them.

Below i've listed some of my favorite remixes to play at weddings.

In No Particular Order:

1. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Mike D Remix)

Thinking out loud is one of the biggest wedding songs of the past year and was the most popular first dance song of 2015. This custom edit done by Mike D take the original and and puts it over a mid tempo r&b beat. This version keeps all the original elements but makes it a bit more dancey. I usually play this when I don't want to go into slow dancing, but still want the couples at the wedding to dance.

2. Earth , Wind and Fire - September (Throttle Remix)

The original "September" is a wedding classic that every single wedding DJ plays. It's got catchy lyrics that everyone knows and a fast funky beat. For the longest time though, I hoped someone would remix it and take it to another level. That someone ended being EDM producer Throttle. He came out with this remix late in 2015 and this became a worldwide anthem at music festivals. I absolutely love playing this remix at weddings because it gives September an electronic feel and works well with younger crowds as well as older crowds.

3. Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Full Tilt Remix) <-click here to listen

This Journey song is arguably the biggest wedding dance song of all time. Everyone has heard it thousands of times whether its at a wedding, a bar or a nightclub. Its a timeless song which will never go away.

This custom edit done by remix company Full Tilt takes the original and gives it a beefier beat and open high hats to make it sound much more dancey and clubby. It pretty much turns it into more of an electronic made song, rather than just the classic rock anthem it is.

4. Frank Sinatra - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (DJ Redz Remix)

This Frank Sinatra classic gets the remix treatment by DJ Redz, another great DJ/Remixer. This is one of the best Frank Sinatra remixes I've ever heard. DJ Redz adds more bass to the track and turns it into a dancefloor party jam.

5. John Legend - All Of Me (Tiesto Remix)

John Legend's "All Of Me" is another great wedding slow song. EDM superstar Tiesto takes JL's wedding anthem and gives it the perfect upbeat electronic touch. I once djed a wedding where I created a custom mashup for the first dance using the first verse of the original "All Of Me" and then going into the breakdown and beat of the Tiesto remix. It was cool way of dancing slow and then dancing fast. It got a great reaction at the wedding.


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